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Together We Are
Making A Difference!

Making A Difference!

First responders and pipeline operators have a shared purpose and responsibility of protecting the communities they serve or operate in.

As an effort to increase effective collaboration on behalf of public safety, the Smalley Foundation partners with pipeline operators to strengthen relationships and communication with first responders.

Knowledge is Power

This cooperative effort makes it more practical for first responders to be able to:
  • Get familiar with the general location of pipelines in their response area(s)
  • Access online mapping tools and above-ground markings to collect critical pipeline information
  • Be vigilant and proactive every day in helping protect pipelines from damage on behalf of public safety
  • Stay alert for indications of a leak and hazards of a release specific to locally transported products
  • Develop or enhance pipeline specific emergency response plans and improve preparedness
  • Connect with pipeline operators before or when it is needed
  • Help educate others and strengthen the pipeline safety network in their community
When they do, they are more likely to:
  • Quickly identify that a pipeline is compromised or involved in an emergency
  • Direct people out of harm’s way and secure the scene
  • Promptly contact the appropriate pipeline operators or owners
  • Work in a coordinated multi-agency on-scene response effort to mitigate the emergency


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Our Mission

Engaging, educating and empowering stakeholders with customized pipeline safety and damage prevention using high-touch and high-tech methods that meet RP1162, CGA’s Best Practices and beyond.

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