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First Responders

Practical Pipelines is making current and localized pipeline safety training resources accessible for all responders.

Welcome to Practical Pipelines, your free county-specific pipeline safety and awareness resource. This website has been developed to meet the ongoing needs of busy first responders like you!

BE INSPIRED, NOT LECTURED with county-specific multi-media pipeline safety training that reduces the limitations of place and time and provides flexible opportunity for all responders to train.

Your Practical Pipelines resources are designed to challenge the attitude of “training for a rare emergency” to considering pipelines as an everyday part of public safety. You will learn eye-opening facts about the pipelines in your state and county, be equipped with information to enhance emergency preparedness and response and be inspired to take an active role in pipeline safety on behalf of responder and community safety.

Training Topics

Agency Benefits

  • No Cost
  • Self-Paced
  • Flexible and Ongoing Use
  • Localized Information
  • 24/7 Access
  • CEU Credit Potential
  • Annually Updated
  • Engaging and Inspirational
  • Turn-Key
  • Multi-Use (Training, Preplanning, Prevention, Response)
  • Year-Round Support Available

How it Works

Select your state and county from the menus and enter your password. If you do not already have a password, you will see an option to request one.

Once you arrive on your County Pipeline Safety Page you will be able to:

  • Visit your County Toolkit and explore your customized resources and tools, including downloads.
  • Watch your 50-minute County-Specific Pipeline Safety Training Video
  • Report training completions and receive completion certificates
  • Complete your Agency Capabilities Assessment (if you are the appropriate person).

Facilitation Recommendations

  • Incorporate in an upcoming in-person training (and then forward the training link to responders that were unable to attend)
  • Forward the training link to all of your responders for individual use and then have a discussion about the training topic at an upcoming in-person training
  • Enhance new-hire orientations by requiring individual completion
  • Share during an emergency planning or prevention collaboration with other agencies in your county

Saving Lives and Earning Wings

When you train, prepare, prevent and respond to pipeline emergencies well informed, you are helping save lives, property and the environment from preventable loss. Each year you train with Practical Pipelines you are helping make your community safer and helping the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation advance its mission!

An Annual Digital ‘Wing’

When you train with Practical Pipelines, your agency will be presented with an annual digital “wing”.

The angel “wing” is the Smalley Foundation’s signature, which is found in all of our program logos, in honor of the lives that have been lost to pipeline emergencies, including the life of 17-year-old Danielle Dawn Smalley and her friend Jason Stone, innocent children, first responders, and others nationwide.

You can share the graphic on your website, social media, or any other digital platforms to show your community that your agency participated in pipeline safety this year as a proactive measure to save lives.

Wings Award


Wings = Recognition and Awards

Continue training EACH YEAR to earn your agencies annual wing… and stay tuned for recognition and awards that will be based on how many consecutive years your agency has trained!

“The course was a good refresher for our veterans and solid first-time information for the new guys.”

-Training Lieutenant

“The online course worked great. It was easy to email it out for everyone to watch, then discuss the information at our monthly meeting.”



What First Responders are Saying

First Responders who participate in Practical Pipelines are helping make our communities safer. This is what they say about their customized pipeline safety resources.

Our Mission

Engaging, educating and empowering stakeholders with customized pipeline safety and damage prevention using high-touch and high-tech methods that meet RP1162, CGA’s Best Practices and beyond.

Smalley Logo

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PO Box 824757
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